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SWOT analysis of Enterprise development services for migrants and ethnic minorities


  • A wide range of mainstream financial, non-financial, internationalization services for enterprise development provided by different public and private institutions
  • The Italian chamber of commerce is adapting to the increasing demand of foreigners and has developed instruments and studied targeted actions to support foreign citizens’ initiatives.
  • Dictionary Words of Entrepreneurship was published and distribute for free in the Chamber.
  • A widespread culture of entrepreneurship in the area
  • Entrepreneurship is a good way for immigrants to renew their residence permit


  • A limited number of migrants and ethnic minorities use the available services
  • Projects have no large scale impact on the situation of the target groups
  • Mainstream business support services may not respond to the specific needs of ethnic minorities
  • No specific credits available for enterprise development for ethnic minorities
  • Lack of information dissemination on available services for migrants and ethnic minorities
  • Few women and young migrants are entrepreneurs


  • Increasing ethnic minorities use of mainstream services for enterprise development
  • Diversifying the sectors of activities of ethnic entrepreneurs
  • Providing more focus on women and young people entrepreneurship difficulties


  • Non-identification of migrants with mainstream services