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===Project name===
===Project name===
Building bridges between people, policies and enterprises
Building bridges between people, policies and enterprises
===Member state/region===
===Member state/region===

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Product name: The Euro Enterprise Pod: E-POD


The Euro Enterprise Pod (hereafter 'E-Pod') is a kiosk that enables people with varying degrees and types of need to access a comprehensive assessment and business planning tool to explore the possibility of developing a business plan and running an enterprise. Within the kiosk, users are able to access innovative web-based software designed to help them assess if self-employment could be the right option for them. The E-Pod provides an automatic test aimed at defining the characteristics and qualities of the user's entrepreneurial profile. The test leads to a personal report giving the user facts regarding their strong and weak areas that they can print out. The test results are compared with other successful business in the same field sector to give users a clearer picture of the skills they need to develop and whether they have a good chance of success.


Through their experience, the partners had identified that amongst the biggest barriers to entrepreneurship within disadvantaged groups were not considering self-employment seriously, not knowing where to start and not understanding the procedures for creating a business. The EQUAL partners' primary objective was therefore to create an easy tool accessible to a large number of target users to help them start their own business regardless of their ability to develop a business plan by themselves. The kiosk aims to provide access to a maximum range of users by meeting the needs of people with dyslexia, poor reading, writing and number skills and physical disabilities - including deaf and blind people and wheelchair users. It incorporates wheelchair access, a Braille keyboard and headphones.

The E-Pod is addressed to: - Organisations responsible for business support, information centres, libraries, job centres, employment support services, community centres, banks, disability access centres, Internet and Information cafes and voluntary sector organisations.

Main target groups


People with disabilities


Main theme of intervention

Culture and conditions

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Project name

Building bridges between people, policies and enterprises

Member state/region

Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK

Contact information

Karyn Murray

Euro Enterprise Evolutions Breathing Space Ltd.

The Central Hall

Ablewell Street




Tel: +44 1922 647696

Fax: +44 1922 628593


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