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A modular introductory course to entrepreneurship for immigrants. This is a preliminary course and introduction to entrepreneurship in Belgium offered in four modules: introduction and attitudes as future entrepreneur getting acquainted with different sectors pc and administration selling techniques.

Courses are given in short cycles to facilitate participation and all course members have to follow the four modules, so that participation is not free of engagement.

It is difficult to reach newcomers and stimulate them to follow the course (second course 12 students). Therefore,

Information sessions are organised to encourage people working with the target audience to refer them to self-employment as an option and the course in particular.


The product wants to offer asylum seekers and newcomers in Belgium room and means to use and further develop the entrepreneurial capacities that they acquired in their home country. It provides training and shows the target group the way to self-employment in a Belgian context.

Research shows that one out of three new immigrants is thinking about setting up a business and yet most are automatically oriented towards a career as an employee and any entrepreneurial competences they have acquired in their home country stay unused.

New arrivals face a lot of barriers to become self-employed like their statute of residence and lack of access to appropriate finance. Self-employment can be a means to integrate newcomers and refugees into the society.

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Culture and Conditions

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Rainbow Economy

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Brussels, Belgium

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De Overmolen vzw Marc D’Hondt

Tel: +32 2 550 10 74