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A course to provide specific business management training to people in or with vocational training. The course is built around fictitious organisations. Each student can make a selection from nine organisations reflecting the reality of a small enterprise in five different sectors according to their area of interest. The course is thus attractive, relevant and suitable for differentiated teaching to a group of participants from different study areas.

The course includes a guidance document for teachers, ICT applications (e.g. entrepreneurial test, accounting package), interactive ‘playful’ exercises (Hot Potatoes), database with assignments and tests. An elaborate website, CD-Roms and electronic learning platform (e.g. forum, news, documents) were created allowing course materials to be accessed.


Every year a lot of (particularly new) self-employed people face bankruptcy due to commercial and management problems. Studies have shown that only half of small and medium-sized enterprises survive beyond five years. One of the reasons seems to be inadequate training at start-up.

This product is particularly designed for young vocational trainees and new adult entrepreneurs and aims to provide them with full training in business management to increase their chances of success in their chosen area of work.

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Responsible Young Starters

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Vocational Training Service of the department of Education Dienst Beroepsopleiding departement Onderwijs (DBO)

Paul Schram

Tel: +32 2 553 88 96