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Enigma Q-plus is an in-service qualification for start-up advisors. The Enigma Q-plus curriculum is based on the two main pillars of: start-up knowledge and coaching competence. In addition, parallel case study supervision takes place. Peer reviews are offered on a voluntary basis. Once the process is completed all participats get a certificate. The additional qualification is realised by the Hamburg-based start-up centre Enigma in cooperation with the University of Lüneburg.


The training contributes to the improvement and professionalisation of supporting business starters out of unemployment. It aims to provide start-up advisors with more security in their advice and support services as well as at deepening understanding of the specific framework conditions and requirements of small business start-ups.

It is mainly addressed to active business advisors, including start-up advisors, job officers, tax consultants, coaches and trainers. It is also aimed at those with an adequate background (such as in business management, entrepreneurship and coaching) who are interested in working in the field of entrepreneurship.

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Start-up support

Consolidation and Growth

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DP Exzept – Neue Strukturen für Selbstständige


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ENIGMA Gründerwerft GmbH

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