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A self-employment awareness campaign for parents, “Enterprising parents” shows parents the opportunities that exist for their children to start up a company of their own and provides them with information about business start-up so they can transmit it to their children

The programme involves ‘guide to self-employment’ talks and business start-up and management courses for parents.


The role of parents in students’ career development is of paramount importance. It is their responsibility to be informed and prepared to tackle the issue. Consequently they need to access information about jobs and self-employment. The programme aims to challenge incorrect attitudes about self-employment, tackle parents’ concerns over their children’s future career options and make parents aware of how they can support their children in entering self-employment. It provides parents with skills, encourages better parent-child communication and lets parents know which other bodies can be of help in the process, becoming a reference point for concerned parents.

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Culture and Conditions

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Training Programme for Entrepreneurship

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Asturias (Spain)

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Technological City of Valnalon

José Manuel Pérez Díaz, “PERICLES”

0034 985 69 22 27