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This is a self-assessment tool for measuring entrepreneurial competences. The tool is meaningfully structured, validated (relevant indicators for competences), standardised (comparison with the generic competences that a successful starter needs) and based on ICT. The candidate fills out the instrument by scoring a list of statements on the computer. Then the candidate has a reflective discussion with a counsellor about the results. Each score of the candidate can be compared to a standard score. The tool enables the identification of which competences a candidate needs to develop to increase their chances of being a successful entrepreneur, raises awareness of the possibilities of entrepreneurship and presents trajectories to self-employment.


The project promotes a competency-based approach to entrepreneurship, based on a concept of screening, training and guiding. It enables registered job seekers, candidate starters and candidate participants in entrepreneurial training to identify - with an advisor - their chances of entering entrepreneurship and what steps they need to take to achieve success.

By focussing on the development of the individual entrepreneur, it enables more targeted support itineraries to be provided based on the identified needs and areas of weakness of each (potential) entrepreneur.

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Vlaams Agentschap voor Ondernemersvorming Syntra Vlaanderen (formerly called VIZO) Flemish Agency for Entrepreneurial Training – Syntra Flanders

Cathy Camertijn

Tel: +32 2 227 49 53