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This product involves a 16-hour course comprising: a motivational talk for entrepreneurs a video on “The Entrepreneurial career” an Entrepreneurial Workshop brochure a business plan form a business start-up video a business ideas contest Students set personal and professional goals considering self-employment as a career option.


Aimed at 17-25 year-olds since 1994, the workshop seeks to instil a spirit of enterprise in upper secondary students, nurture entrepreneurial flair, hone entrepreneurial skills and dispel common misconceptions about enterprise and the labour environment.

From 2003 all of Asturias’ Upper Secondary, Vocational Training and University (just Mieres campus) students attend the motivational talk.

Main target groups[]


Main theme of intervention[]

Culture and Conditions

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Project name[]

Training Programme for Entrepreneurship

Member state/region[]

Asturias (Spain)

Contact information[]

Technological City of Valnalon

José Manuel Pérez Díaz, “PERICLES”

0034 985 69 22 27