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The product comprises a pack in a suitcase format comprising a student book in 3 blocks (English and Basque translations available) and a teacher’s book (English, Basque and Polish translations available).

The European Junior Enterprise programme is an entrepreneurship education programme targeted at secondary school students (12-16 years old) since 1999.

Through the course, students start up and manage an import-export company. They communicate with partner schools abroad via video-conference and e-mail to trade products to be sold afterwards at local fairs. Eventually, the profits are distributed among the partners of the company.

The programme has been fully included in the curriculum of the Asturias region as an optional subject for 14-15 year-old students.


There is a widespread recognition about the importance of introducing an international dimension in education. International Trade between schools is a means to promote further understanding of different cultures and social realities and the exchange of ideas. Entrepreneurship education is not o¬nly about the skills and knowledge needed to set up and run a business but it also covers the development of a set of personal attributes and skills (creativity, flexibility, initiation, self-confidence, team-work amongst others) which can help prepare young people to face a changing labour market (switching from the employee to the self-employed status throughout their professional career)

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Culture and Conditions

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Project name[]

Training Programme for Entrepreneurship

Member state/region[]

Asturias (Spain)

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Technological City of Valnalon

José Manuel Pérez Díaz, “PERICLES”

0034 985 69 22 27