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An annual prize is awarded to the best (very) small businesses to consolidate their development and encourage their survival. A first prize of 10,000 Euros and 4 second prizes of 1,000 Euros are awarded along with additional business support. The eligible criteria for the prize are that businesses must: • be established in Wallonia • employ no more than 5 people • have been running between 1 and 3 years • have no more than 50,000 Euros starting capital • have received support from a Wallonian business support agency


It aims to re-inforce the financing and business support of micro-entrepreneurs in Wallonia to encourage new micro-enterprises and increase their chances of success. It particularly aims to support vulnerable people who have set up a small business.

It also seeks to improve the coordination between existing business support bodies and overall quality standards.

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Main theme of intervention[]

Start-up support Access to Finance

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Project name[]

Micro Credit de Proximite

Member state/region[]

French speaking Belgium

Contact information[]

Credal Anne Misonne

Tel : +32 479 75 21 38