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An entrepreneurship education programme for vocational training students in upper secondary schools. It comprises: Student’s book “What you need to know” Workbook “What you need to do” Interactive CD-ROM with activities.

The programme involves the start-up and management of microenterprises. Teachers become tutors and play a coaching role providing support and guidance to students.

Different tutors get involved throughout the stages of analysis of the idea as well as start-up & consolidation: - Entrepreneurship skills tutors work hand in hand with students following up the project. - Technical tutors deal with specific course-related technical issues. - External business tutors engage to ensure a contact with real business practice.


The methodology chosen aims to give students a first-hand experience of enterprise in a real context.

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Main theme of intervention[]

Culture and Conditions

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Project name[]

Training Programme for Entrepreneurship

Member state/region[]

Asturias (Spain)

Contact information[]

Technological City of Valnalon

José Manuel Pérez Díaz, “PERICLES”

0034 985 69 22 27