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Enterprising People – Teaching Pack - Provides resources to assist tutors in delivery of enterprise and employability programmes. Enterprising People – Tutor Support Pack: Underpins and complements Enterprising People – Teaching Pack, Contextualises the Teaching Pack – highlighting major underlying themes that currently impact on Further Education in Scotland.


President of National Union for Students Scotland has called for all Colleges to adopt similar practice of Student Employability Centre. The approach to business incubation has been disseminated locally, nationally and transnationally and may be adopted as good practice by other Local Authority Bodies providing Business Incubation Units. Awareness raising seminars has been mainstreamed by local enterprise companies as a much more effective way of giving information to and engaging with business advisors. The Centre for Social and Entrepreneurial Activity - support element of this project has been enhanced and is now funded through ERDF.

The strategic ‘think tank’ element of the project has been mainstreamed and is core funded through Clackmannanshire Council. Student Employability Centre has been mainstreamed into College budget.

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Culture and Conditions

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Partnership for Innovation

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Stuart Cree

Kilmarnock College