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Media:WEAP.jpg Description The WEAP is an action plan and implementation plan which sets out the challenges and actions for the development and delivery of entrepreneurship and enterprise across Wales. Developed initially in 2000, this plan was ahead of its time in setting out a braided approach in which the main delivery arm for business support in Wales - the Business Eye linked itself to a number of specialist delivery partners focusing on women, minority ethnic groups, social enterprise, young people, older people and so on.

The WEAP is credited with raising enterprise levels in Wales in the period to 2006. The WEAP was helped to be realised with the support of Cyfenter 1 Development Partnership in both rounds of EQUAL


A strategic framework is essential to develop and deliver a coordinated approach to entrepreneurship and enterprise.

Main target groups[]

The WEAP specifically covered all the main COPIE target groups Unemployed Young Women Disabled Ethnic/migrants Social enterprise 50+

Main theme of intervention[]

The WEAP worked across all of the four COPIE domains namely:

  • Culture and Conditions
  • Start-up support
  • Consolidation and Growth
  • Access to Finance

Web link to product[]

Welsh Assembly Government

Project name[]

Entrepreneurship Action Plan for Wales

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Contact information[]

Iain Willox

Head of Capacity Building

Department of Enterprise Innovation and Networks

Welsh Assembly Government

Plas Glyndwr



CF10 3AH

Telephone: 029 20 82 8821